Tomass Pētersons wins “Riga drone race”!

During “Riga Sports night” in the heart of the city, Riflemen square an international “Riga drone race” was held, organized by “Drone Racing Latvia”.

This race was also one of “HOBIzone Drone Racing League” events, that is why the best Latvian and Estonian pilots took part.

Quite a unique race place meant that pilots used drones up to 150 grams max, still managing to make an excellent show for spectators! Extra bonus was the LED lights throughout the course making the race extra spectacular.

In the short but challenging course, pilots raced in 5 lap races – 5th place wen to Roman Elmaa (Ehitaja). In the big final 4th was Āris Muitinieks (SATFPV), 3rd Kārlis Gross (Karlis), 2nd place went to “GG fest” race winner Meelis Vaan (MV), but the win at “Riga drone race” to Latvian Tomass Pētersons (ToPe)!